Data Protection

What is GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC in May 2018.

The GDPR totally revamps data legislation across Europe and is designed to:

  • Harmonise data privacy laws across Europe;
  • Protect and empower all EU citizens in terms of their data privacy;
  • Severely penalise those who commit personal data breaches; and
  • Reshape the way businesses control and/or process EU citizen’s personal data.


At Conor McLaughlin & Associates, our experienced Staff will guide you in protecting your business by complying with GDPR while preparing for potential breaches.

GDPR permits the data protection commissioner in Ireland or the other data protection authorities in Europe to impose fines of up to €20,000,000 or 4% of a company’s total annual turnover whichever is greater for serious breaches. Where a breach occurs, the legislation allows a maximum of 72 hours to notify the relevant data protection authorities.

The GDPR will also make it much easier for your customers employees or any parties whose personal data or sensitive personal data you process to claim compensation in the event of a data breach.

Contact us if you have been affected by a data breach or if your personal information has been compromised. Phone our office on +353 (0)71 984 1322 or +353 (0)1 255 24882.


Fully Certified Data Protection Officers

Our Data Protection Solicitors are Certified Data Protection Officers and will help your business avoid unnecessary and damaging fines, not to mention unhelpful media attention while allowing you to grow worry free.



General Information

If your business holds, uses or benefits from personal data or sensitive personal data it is your legal obligation to make sure that data is fully protected from all potential breaches. Further you must only use that data for its intended purposes and those purposes should have been made clear to the data subject.

It is clear from recent media reports that unfortunately many businesses are having great difficulty complying with their legal obligations.

At Conor McLaughlin & Associates we understand the hindrance that GDPR causes to business and are here to help you through that experience. Our Data Protection Solicitors will assist you in becoming GDPR compliant and in defending against GDPR breaches.



GDPR Rights a business owner must comply with

Under GDPR data subjects have the following rights:

  • Right to be informed as to how their personal data is being processed;
  • Right to obtain a copy of any information relating to them kept on computer or in a structured manual filing system;
  • Right to receive a copy of all data held by a Data Controller within one month of the request been received;
  • Right to rectification of data;
  • Right to be forgotten, meaning the right to obtain from the Data Controller the erasure of personal data without undue delay;
  • Right to restrict further processing of their personal data where specified grounds arise; and
  • Right to object to processing.


If an individual is not satisfied with the response, they receive from a business they may make a complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner or institute legal proceedings.


Legal Services Offered:

  • GDPR Audits;
  • GDPR Contract reviews;
  • GDPR Terms & Conditions;
  • GDPR Breach defence;
  • GDPR Data Protection Officer outsourcing;
  • GDPR Staff Training;
  • Correspondence with the Data Protection Commissioner; and
  • Advice on Cyber Security

Contact us if you are looking for more information on our data protection services. Phone our us on +353 (0)71 984 1322 or +353 (0)1 255 24882.


What do you need to achieve as a business owner?

We understand that businesses must use personal data, and, in many cases, it is the lifeblood of your business. We also understand that processes need to be put in place that are not prohibitive to business and can be easily implemented and taught to all staff members.

We specialise in tailoring solutions that allow your business to grow while remaining GDPR compliant. We work side by side with businesses to decipher how best to protect them from potential breaches while allowing them to grow.



Defending data breaches

Data breaches will happen in everyday business. Our Data Protection Solicitors can also help your company prepare and defend data breach claims. It is imperative that if you believe a data breach has occurred that you seek advice immediately. At Conor McLaughlin & Associates we can examine your position in order to decipher the best solution for your business.



Certified Data Protection Officers

Our Data Protection Solicitors are Certified Data Protection Officers. This allows us to take on the responsibility of auditing your current practices, drafting the necessary policies and procedures and communicating to your team what steps are required to make sure you are fully compliant with GDPR. If your Business needs a Data Protection Officer, we can outsource one of our Data Protection Solicitors to provide a full range of DPO services.


Contact us if your Business needs a Data Protection Officer. Phone our office on +353 (0)71 984 1322 or +353 (0)1 255 24882


Data breach Pricing

What is “no win no fee”

The concept of “no win no fee” or “no foal no fee” is employed amongst solicitors in Ireland. This arrangement means that a solicitor will not charge for legal services if your case is unsuccessful. Also, if you are successful, you do not have to pay your legal fees as they will be settled by the defendant either outside of court or by way of court order. Please note that this arrangement relates to your own legal fees only.


Why use a “no foal no fee” agreement?

The purpose of a “no win no fee” arrangement is to give you the legal power to pursue your valid claim regardless of your financial position.


Do we operate a “no win no fee” agreement?

A Solicitors firm can enter into a “no win no fee” arrangement with clients, however, they are strictly prohibited from advertising “no win no fee” services.


Our 5-step process

  1. Consultation

A consultation with our Solicitors will help them to understand the nature of your needs and allow them to strategize the best path forward for you.


  1. Review

We review the types of personal data you process and identify what it is used for.


  1. Stress Test

Our Data Protection Solicitors map out your data flows from collection to deletion in order to consider where the weaknesses (if any) are.


  1. Advices

Based on stages 1, 2 and 3 above our Data Protection legal advisors issue a letter of advices advising you where the weaknesses (if any) are. At this stage we also create a plan of action which maps out a path to compliance.


  1. Compliance

Based on your instructions following stage 4 above we draft GDPR Policies & Procedures along with any new processes and procedures designed to provide compliance.


Contact us through our contact page or phone us on +353 (0)71 984 1322 or +353 (0)1 255 24882 to talk to our data protection solicitors.