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EBS Data Breach


At Conor McLaughlin & Associates our Data Breach Solicitors are being contacted on a daily basis with accounts of EBS customers who have had their personal data breached. Our Data Breach Solicitors have teamed up with a renowned Barrister whose expertise is in General Data Protection Regulation so we can help our clients obtain the compensation they are entitled to.


Have you experienced any of the following?

  • You received a letter from EBS confirming they have erroneously reported your personal data to the Irish Credit Bureau.
  • You experienced a credit refusal or the loss of a job as a result of this erroneous reporting.
  • You experienced another form of financial loss or emotional distress as a result of this erroneous reporting.



How can we help you pursue your claim for compensation?

  1. We hold a free case evaluation by phone with you.
  2. We prepare your claim for compensation.
  3. We pursue your claim and report to you.


Contact our solicitors

Get in touch with our data protection solicitors to arrange an appointment by filling in our contact form or by calling our office on +353 (0)1 255 24882 or +353 (0)71 984 1322.