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Bank of Ireland


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The Central Bank operate databases that collect credit data from banks such as Bank of Ireland for loans of €500 or more. The database provides information to banks when making credit assessments.


While Bank of Ireland’s error may have worked in the favour of many citizens, a lot have been affected adversely leading to longer periods of interest-only payments. The Bank of Ireland’s error would appear to be a data breach under article 5 of the GDPR.


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At Conor McLaughlin & Associates our Data Breach Solicitors are prepared to help you pursue you claim against Bank of Ireland.

Our Data Breach Solicitors have teamed up with a renowned Barrister whose expertise is in General Data Protection Regulation to help our clients obtain the compensation they are entitled to.


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Did you receive a letter from Bank of Ireland to apologising over errors in reporting amended agreements to the central credit register.


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  1. We hold a free case evaluation by phone with you.
  2. We prepare your claim for compensation.
  3. We pursue your claim and report to you.


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