Defamation and Reputation Management

A good name is one of the biggest assets of any individual, a corporation or a public body. As everyone knows a good reputation takes a long time to build, and once compromised may never be repaired.

Our Defamation Solicitors understand that having your good name defamed may have an impact on both your professional and private life and are here to help you through that experience. Our Defamation and Reputation Management Solicitors will assist you in making a claim for compensation. While compensation may not totally undo the damage caused it will go some way to ease your financial losses (if any) and emotional distress. Our Defamation Solicitors advises corporations, private citizens and public bodies on all aspects of Defamation and Reputation Management. Our team act quickly and proactively to protect our client’s reputation.


Legal Services Offered:

  • GDPR rights including the right to be forgotten;
  • Advices on protection against harassment;
  • Enforcing of Injunctions against an offending party(ies);
  • Legal proceedings involving malicious falsehood, breach of privacy, and Defamation;
  • Communications with the Media and on Social Media; and
  • Brand protection and reputation.


Social Media Defamation

Our Defamation Solicitors can help if you have suffered as a result of social media defamation in a personal or professional capacity. Social media defamation contains many issues and it is therefore imperative that you contact a Solicitor to advise you as to the likely success of your claim before embarking on litigation.


Defamation and Reputation Management

A brand or personal reputation takes many years to establish and may take as long to repair if and when it is damaged. As use of the internet and social media has increased there are an increasing number of ways that a brand or reputation may be compromised. Nowadays, threats to a brand or reputation come from a number of sources such as cyber attacks, falsely published information, hacking, data breaches, error and discrimination.


Our 4-stage process

  1. Consultation

A consultation with our Defamation Solicitors will help them to understand the nature of the defamatory statement and will allow them to strategize the best path forward for you.


  1. Letter of Demand

Our Defamation Solicitors will require copies of all relevant documentation in order to fully consider your claim such as the offending article or proof of the defamatory speech. Our Defamation Solicitors will then draft the relevant letter of demand.


  1. Legal Proceedings

Assuming the offending party does not respond to the letter of demand or make the relevant payment (if any) or furnish you with a letter of apology (as required), our Defamation Solicitors will issue legal proceedings and represent you in a Court of suitable jurisdiction.


  1. Enforcement & payment of your claim

Once Judgement is secured against an offending party, it then must be enforced in circumstances where the Damages have still not been discharged. The method of enforcement will depend on the profile of the offending party.


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