A Will is a witnessed document that sets out in writing the deceased’s wishes, after death, for their possessions, referred to as their Estate. A will is also an important tax-planning device.  It can be drafted to make the best possible use of the various tax reliefs. Our expert and experienced Will Solicitors will discuss the entire process with you. We will ensure that your interests are protected at all times and that the procedure is carried out speedily and efficiently.

Finally, you should always seek legal advice on the possible tax implications of either receiving or giving any gift or inheritance.


Who are the parties to a Will?

The party granting the Will is known as the Testator. You will also require two witnesses which we can facilitate you by appointing our office staff. It is also highly advisable that you obtain a certificate certifying that you have the mental capacity to knowingly make a Will. The reason being is that as the Irish Population lives longer, Dementia and other diseases of the mind are common place and may hasten the distribution of your Estate if the Probate office believe there is a question mark over whether you had the mental capacity to make a Will.

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Why do you need a Will Solicitor?

Our Will Solicitors have experience in all aspects of drafting and preparing your Will and advice on all aspects of Estate Planning.


Legal Services Offered:

  • Will drafting; and
  • Estate Planning.


How can our Will Solicitors help?

Our Will Solicitors have the knowledge and experience to advise on all aspects of drafting and preparing Wills. We will advise you on how to make what can be a stressful experience to one which is manageable. Our Will Solicitors understand the impact and stress that these decisions may cause and are here to help you through that experience. Our Will Solicitors will assist you with all aspects of your Wills and Estate Planning.

Our Will Solicitors review the relevant legal documentation and move quickly to bring the process to a swift conclusion while keeping you up to date throughout. We strive to make sure your experience is stress free.


Our 4-stage process

  1. First Consultation

A consultation with our Will Solicitors will make sure you understand the nature of the process and the documentation involved in a Will. We will discuss the contents of your Estate, such as your property, bank accounts, shares and personal contents and your intentions for same. We will also discuss who would be a suitable Executor(s), and if you have minor children who might be a suitable Trustee(s).


  1. Drafting & Review

Our Will Solicitors then draft and review your Will ensuring that same meets your needs and that it is efficient from a Tax Planning perspective. We will also arrange for a meeting with your Doctor so they can confirm that you are capable of making a Will.


  1. Second Consultation

A second Consultation will be required so that we can review your Will in full with you and so that you are completely satisfied with the contents of same.


  1. Post-Consultation

Once you have signed your Will our Will Solicitors will then store your Will in our fireproof strong room. It is important to note that you may revoke your Will at any time.


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