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Critical Skills Employment Permit

Critical Skills Employment Permit relates to roles which are specialized and are necessary for a fully functioning economy as recognised by the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation. These highly sought after permits are valid for two years and will only be granted where the actual post is two years or more.


What do I need to apply for a Critical Skills Employment Permit?

  1. Post offer of at least two years employment;
  2. Posts with a minimum annual remuneration of €64,000 where the post is not actually listed as “ineligible” of the list of Occupants for Employment Permits;
  3. Post with a minimum remuneration of €32,000 where the post is listed as a Critical Skills Occupation.


There are special arrangements for nurses and midwives where the salary is lower than €64,000, they can still apply where their university degree is accepted by the Nursing & Midwifery Board.


In terms of the remuneration, both health insurances payments and salary can be included. If a Critical Skills Employment Permit holder wishes to remain in Ireland after the permitted two-year period, they may make an application after twenty months to apply for a stamp 4.


Critical Skills Employment Permit holders may also make applications for their Spouses, Civil Partners (same or opposite sex), minor Children or those who are students and under 23.


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