Car Accident Claims*

Our Car accident claims Solicitors understand that an injury caused as a result of car accidents are an incredibly stressful and emotional experience which have a bearing on your private and professional life.

In circumstances where you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another you may be entitled to take a claim for compensation. It is clear that Road Traffic accidents are an everyday occurrence and can result in whiplash or more serious physical injuries or physiological injuries.

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Car Accident Claims*

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience whether you suffer a physical injury or psychological injury as a result of the negative experience. In some cases, you may be in a position to make a claim for compensation.


Pedestrian Accidents

When the driver of a car is injured due to an accident, they are protected by their insurance company. Unfortunately, a pedestrian does not enjoy the same protection despite the fact that they may be left with serious injuries. In cases such as these you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. This compensation is awarded to help you cover the costs of your injuries and your time off work. You should be aware that you only have a certain amount of time in which you can make a claim.


Taxi Car Accidents

In most cases taxi operators maintain a very high standard of care for the patrons. As you are aware from media reports accidents do happen unfortunately. As a passenger you are much less likely to be paying attention to the traffic which unfortunately leaves your body exposed to greater injury. Taxi operators have a complete responsibility to ensure the health and safety of any patrons they carry. Again, in some cases, you may be in a position to make a claim for compensation.


Whiplash Claims*

A Whiplash is a neck injury which occurs due to forceful, rapid movement of the neck, like the motion of cracking of a whip. A Whiplash injury often occurs by car accidents involving rear-ending. It should be noted that whiplash may result from traumatic abuse and sporting and other physical accidents. Whiplash may be cured in a matter of months or it may have long lasting effects. Typical symptoms of whiplash may include neck pain, stiffness, restricted movement, headaches, tenderness, numbness, fatigue and dizziness.

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Our 6-stage process for all Personal Injury Claims:

  1. Consultation

A consultation with our Personal Injury Solicitors will help them to understand the nature of the injury, the causes of same and the likely Defendants and allow them to strategize the best path forward for you.

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  1. Review

Our Personal Injury Solicitors will require copies of all relevant documentation in order to fully consider your injury, complete your Form A which is general information and advise on your medical report (Form B).  The Medical Report is considered to be the most important in terms of proving the injuries sustained. A Medical report may involve a report from a General Practitioner or a Psychologist depending on the type of injury sustained.


  1. Personal Injury Board Assessment

Our experienced Personal Injury Solicitors will put forward a comprehensive and robust case designed to accurately outline your injury so that you can obtain the compensation your injury warrants.


  1. Assessment

The Personal Injury Board will then assess your matter in terms of a compensation.


  1. Adequate Compensation

Our experienced personal injury Solicitors will contact you regarding your compensation. They will contact you outlining the merits of accepting or rejecting your compensation. Please note that you have 28 days to either accept or reject your compensation.



  1. Proceedings

At this point you must choose whether you wish to accept the offer and receive your compensation (assuming the Defendants also choose to accept the offer) or alternatively if you choose not to accept the offer our Personal Injury Solicitors will prepare your case for Court. It is important to note that a large number of personal injury cases will settle outside of court.

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*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.