what is a voluntary transfer

A Voluntary Transfer Of Property: What Is Involved

The Manner of Giving is Worth More than the Gift’ – Pierre Corneille It is common in Ireland for parents to gift land to their children during their lifetime. Transactions such as these are completed by means of a voluntary transfer. Money is not given by one party to the other but instead the transfer … Continued

Enduring Power of Attorney - a guide

Enduring Power of Attorney: A Guide

Making an Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to choose the correct people to deal with your affairs in circumstances where you are no longer capable of doing so yourself.   WHAT IS AN ENDURING POWER OF ATTORNEY? An Enduring Power of Attorney is a signed and witnessed document that allows a client (Donor) to … Continued

Making a will

Making a will

AN Other, in his last will and testament wrote: “To my first wife Mary, whom I always promised to mention in my will. Hello Mary! ” – Anonymous Under Brehon law, on a man’s death the general rule was that his property passes automatically to his dutiful sons or is divided amongst his kinsmen if … Continued